Do Squarespace, Wix & Weebly Really Have The Upper Hand?

Do Squarespace, Wix & Weebly Really Have The Upper Hand?

There is an ongoing conversation on the Internet in so many genres of business. The discussion is surrounding WordPress versus all other website platforms.

This article isn’t going to be a big rant about why WordPress is better. Instead, it’s just going to share another point of view.

Page Builders

You see, it’s common for the reasoning for people using other platforms instead of WordPress is because of the page builders that they come with.

But what many people who choose those platforms don’t realize is that page builders are available in WordPress.

In fact, Tesla Themes currently use one called Visual Composer, but there are other popular ones like Beaver Builder and Elementor. Each has their strengths and weaknesses. But each makes creating page layouts so incredibly simple.

For comparisons on page builders, visit these two articles

Content Ownership

The idea here is that anything on a WordPress site is completely in control and ownership of the site owner. That means any photos you add are yours to keep there. The text content is yours, and so on. You also have the right and capability to move the site to any hosting company of your choosing. It’s 100% up to you.

Many other platforms say that you (the site owner) own the content, but they have the right to take a site down, remove content, etc. And there is a lock-in effect, as it’s extremely difficult to leave closed platforms.

Read more about content ownership here.

How do you feel about the WordPress versus other platforms conversation? Comment and let us know!

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