30+ Best Video WordPress Themes in 2017

30+ Best Video WordPress Themes in 2017

Intro: This is a handpicked list of over 30 of the best video WordPress themes as of now. 

Are you searching for a platform where video is the main content type for the website? It can be videos that you have captured or videos of someone else, the highly protected ones. The answer to your confusion is in WordPress. It now has its best video themes, to give your website the desired look. If you want to build up your own portfolio and showcase your talent through your videos or a merchant site with the protected videos, with the right theme and WordPress you are all set to go. You can even use it for video sharing like YouTube with the innumerable options of plugins and add-ons. You can also make a movie promotion site, advertisement site, photography site or an online news portal within the wide array of themes that comes handy with it. Most of these themes are also mobile responsive these days so that it can be accessed well from your mobile, tab, or other electronic gadgets. So, with the perfect idea of the rightly matched WordPress theme, in the website, now you are all ready to take on the world with your video portal. Here are some of the themes that you may like.

1. Betube video WordPress theme:

Betube Video WordPress Theme


To build a website that actually speaks of elegance and charm, with wide templates and classiness, Betube video WordPress theme, is your answer. With facilities like choosing from homepage fronts, uploading video automatically to having numerous shades of its themes it lets you get the world in your hands.

2. Soho photo and video theme:

Soho Video WordPress Theme

You can present your show reel of photos and videos with full screen layout with Soho photo and video theme. With its systems to optimize the website’s speed along with easy color and content editing options, you can check the power of this theme with its GT3 page builders.

3. Personal theme:

Personal Video WordPress Theme

With the built in page templates for easy implementation and various unique heading styles this   Personal theme is suitable for all the blogging masters and it is equally good for Video websites with dozens of awesome functionalities that gives you a satisfactory and unparalleled performances.

4. This way theme:

This way Video WordPress Theme

This HTML5 & CSS3 designed theme gives you the facility of Fullscreen Image & Fullscreen Video Background with Audio support and social media sharing. With its 650+ Google fonts, portfolio filters and Google maps, this way theme is irresistible at work.

5. Photography & Video Goodwin theme:

Photography & Video GoodWin WordPress Theme

Their modern, creative and absolutely fantastic Photography & Video Goodwin theme that comes with a full screen layout is actually the need of the hour for bussing photographers and videographers. Tons of pre-made gallery, portfolio, and blog layouts will ease your life while creating your custom pages.

6. TheMotion:

TheMotion WordPress Video Theme

TheMotion WordPress Video Theme features itself as the best Video Blogging WordPress Theme.  It is a Responsive WordPress Theme with WooCommerce included so you could try and monetize your efforts at some point by selling whatever products you consider related to your Niche.

7. VideoTube theme:

VideoTube - A Responsive Video WordPress Theme

Have you ever wanted to collect and share your favorite videos online? This VideoTube  theme helps you to effortlessly customize Videotube to your liking with its powerful homepage widgets and Share popular videos on social media. Even embedding videos to your website has never been easier.

8. Slimvideo theme:

Slimvideo - Video WordPress Community Theme

Made by Touchsize, this is a leading WordPress developer that always looks for quality and beautiful aesthetics along with excellent options and settings. With it’s so many layouts, colors. Article views and custom posts this Slimvideo theme is ideal if you don’t want to compromise with your quality.

9. VideoBox theme:

Videobox WordPress Theme



VideoBox is the perfect solution for showing off video content, impressively. Highly customizable and with a wide support for popular video websites like YouTube, Vimeo and many others.

10. Snaptube theme:

With a number of responsive designs, theme options and unlimited sidebars, its three steps up, creates a website for you in just a few clicks and you can choose from the lot of their demo content to get your perfect match. Snaptube theme free plugins allow you to see the functionality.

11. Viduze theme:

Viduze - Video WordPress Theme

Mostly used for a video related site, it can also be considered to create your own social media website.  Viduze themes have many powerful features including BuddyPress and WooCommerce integration. You can also upload your own videos like in YouTube.

12. Videopress theme:

VideoPress - A Self Hosted Video Streaming Theme

VideoPress is a simple theme were you can upload you own videos and make it available for streaming online. The theme also comes with a layout builder were-in you can build a layout to display different videos, and, yes VideoPress also has a built in function to create a playlist.

13. Solar theme:

Solar - Video WordPress Theme

Solar theme is optimized for high resolution displays like the Macbook Pro with Retina Display, iPhones and iPads with Unlimited Color Schemes that are easy to customize from a front-end color picker. It can also translate your message to any language for better reception.

14. Primero theme:

Primero - Video WordPress Theme

This Primero theme has 4 navigation styles to choose from. In addition, you can adjust the navigation background color in the options panel and you can do your Video Documentation with a detailed written help file. Unlimited number of portfolios can be created with the help of theme Support for both video and photography.

15. Video Records WordPress Theme:

Video Records WordPress Theme

Are you looking for a theme that would bring out the best out of your video records website? Look no further for Video Records WordPress theme is user-friendly with a universal responsive design that can be operated and configured from all type of devices.

16. Video Games WordPress theme:

Video Gaming Entertainment WordPress Theme

Video game websites need to be meticulously designed so that the users of all age groups keep coming back to the website. To stand out from the rest, use Video Games WordPress theme that is SEO friendly and compatible with all browsers and devices.

17. Video Service WordPress theme:

Video Services WordPress Theme

You have a customer base around the world. You want to exhibit their testimonials to put up the best first impression on a customer seeking video service providers. Use the Video Service WordPress theme to build a SEO friendly website with custom widgets and sliders.

18. Video Content WordPress theme:

Video Content WordPress Theme

So are you a professional videographer, cinematographer or video editor? Or maybe you are a video blogger telling stories with your videos. The Video Content WordPress theme shall bring that extra edge to your webpage and is fully editable with custom widgets and short codes.

19. Video Lab WordPress theme:

Video Lab Responsive WordPress Theme

A video is a story in making and the world needs to know the behind the scenes moments too, which leads to wonderful films. So if you are a video developer, Video Lab WordPress theme is meant for your with its editable SEO friendly features.

20. Video Lab Responsive WordPress Theme:

Video Lab Responsive WordPress Theme

Making of movie or a music video brings out the skills of video developer to the world. So if you wish to tell your video’s behind the scene stories in high definition, choose the Video Lab Responsive WordPress Theme which is customizable and SEO friendly.

21. Video Lab Responsive WordPress theme:

Video Lab Responsive WordPress Theme

A cinematographer and a videographer run hours of hard work to finally come up with amazing video clips and movies. As a skilled artist specialized in video making world, you would love to use Video Lab Responsive WordPress theme that is user-friendly and easily customizable.

22. Video Lab Responsive WordPress theme:

Video Lab Responsive WordPress Theme

Looking for a theme with 100% responsive and compatibility across all browsers, which lets you tweak the widgets and tabs in such a manner that it brings out the story out of your behind the scene moments. Video Lab Responsive WordPress theme is your treasure.

23. Videographer WordPress theme:

Videographer Responsive WordPress Theme

You can make stories come alive with the videos you shoot and edit. You wish to reach out the world and let them see your art of storytelling. Videographer WordPress theme shall be perfect partner in your venture to build a SEO friendly responsive webpage.

24. Video Blog WordPress theme:

Photo Video Blog WordPress Theme

Are you looking for a theme that is a perfect match for your photographs and videos which you recorded on your own? Photo Video Blog WordPress theme is fully editable with built-in theme customizer that lets you exhibit your stories and moments to the world.

25. Video Gallery WordPress theme:

Video Gallery WordPress Theme

Have you imagined putting up the reel of your videos to all the clients and customers who drop by your webpage? If you are looking for a theme designed for exhibiting the videos with 100% responsiveness, Video Gallery WordPress theme is your savior.

26. StylePark – Fashion Blog WordPress Theme:

StylePark - Fashion Blog WordPress Theme

Fashion blogs need to match up with the sparkles and glitters of the fashion world and bring out the details in high definition. StylePark – Fashion Blog WordPress Theme is the theme which is user friendly, customizable and has high definition quality features.

27. Video Blog WordPress theme:

Video Blog WordPress Theme

A video blog is challenging to build and customize with different theme of videos and their stories. Video Blog WordPress theme helps you to edit the webpage with no hassle and comes with 24/7 custom support and wide range of custom widgets.

28. Magazine WordPress Theme:

Vlog – Video Blog / Magazine WordPress Theme is the theme built with 100% responsiveness across all devices to equip the video bloggers or magazine editors to build video group playlists, with features like watch-later and cinema mode. The theme supports YouTube videos too.

29. Videocraft WordPress Theme:

Are you looking for building a network of video gallery where your users can view and upload their videos? Or maybe you are putting up your own video blogging webpage. All your requirements are included in the 100% responsive and customizable Videocraft WordPress Theme.

  1. True Mag-wordpress theme:

True Mag - WordPress Theme for Video and Magazine

It is an amazing WordPress theme for videos which comes with great video features. True Mag-Wordpress theme has Built-in Video Ads plugin, Short-codes for Video, Video Auto Play, Self-hosted Video Support, Front-end Video Submission and many Built-in Video Widgets are some of its features.

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