WordPress Real Estate Plugin

A modern & powerful WordPress real estate plugin.
Display and manage real estate listings and agents.

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A truly modern real estate plugin for WordPress.

Most WordPress real estate plugins are old, built before the WordPress block editor and the new Reso Web API for the real estate industry.

WP Real Estate is a new plugin, built for the modern era with the latest technology. It’s block-editor-first, and our MLS solution is being built using the Reso Web API, the industry’s new standard.

Create & Manage Real Estate Listings

Create, manage, and display real estate listings on your WordPress website. These can be searched, filtered, and mapped on other pages.

View demo listings to the left, or see our WordPress real estate theme demos, which use the plugin for real estate listings.

Search & Map Real Estate Listings

We’ve built a beautiful interface for searching, filtering, and mapping your WordPress real estate listings.

WordPress real estate plugin search

Coming Soon: MLS Listings!

Display up-to-date MLS listings via the latest, industry standard RESO Web API. With the Web API, there are no more huge databases or expensive third party providers.

Display & Manage Agents

Create, manage, and display profiles for real estate brokers and agents. Display them on team pages, or showcase each agent on his or her own live listings.

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WordPress Real Estate Plugin Features

Everything you need to manage your WordPress real estate website.

Manual Listings

Add and display real estate listings. Customize the look and feel of your listings with several layouts and dozens of options.

MLS Listings

In Beta! Display up-to-date MLS listings. Or allow users to search your MLS. Customize the look and feel with multiple layouts and dozens of options.


Have multiple brokers or agents working your organization? Our real estate plugin allows you to easily create pages and lists showcasing your team.


We’ve built a sophisticated but simple and elegant search interface. Your visitors can search WordPress real estate listings, see results in a list and on a map, and use filters to refine their searches.


We’ve built mapping into manual listings, MLS listings, and the search interface. You can even display maps with one more listings separately on blogs posts or other pages.

Reso Web API

RETS, once a standard in the industry, is being replaced with the RESO Web API. Most plugins aren’t using the new Web API. We’re built specifically with the Web API.

No Extra Storage

With RETS, Realtors needed large servers or a third party services to manage huge listing databases. With the Web API, you don’t store locally. Just fetch and display listings direct from your MLS. Huge cost savings.

Speed & SEO

The WP Real Estate plugin is brand new. It’s is built to be light weight and hyper fast, using only the most modern code and technologies. Built with speed and SEO front and center.

Pro Support

All users get access to premium Pro support. Get your questions answered quickly and effectively as you build out your site.

Need a Theme?

Combine the plugin with the WPRealEstate theme, our powerful WordPress theme for Realtors.

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