What do you think about Project Gutenberg?

What do you think about Project Gutenberg?

If you follow WordPress news, then you likely heard about Gutenberg.  It’s a plugin currently in beta which is intended to become a part of WordPress core.

The advantage of the Gutenberg editor is that it rivals Medium for beauty and ease of content creation.

Think of it as a page builder of basic content. It’s not a full-blown page builder, like Visual Composer or Elementor. But it does a nice job of making it simple to create beautiful stories on a page or post, using content blocks.

There are downsides to Gutenberg, from a developer perspective.  The way the plugin is currently built, it will break hundreds, if not thousands, of plugins and themes. Additionally, themes have to support the new editor, otherwise, the beauty you see on the backend does not match what’s seen on the front end. Lastly, this upcoming major change to WordPress is not currently intended to be backward compatible. Which means when something breaks it’s breaking for good unless the theme and plugin developers find a way to become compatible.

If you have not tried Gutenberg yet, we recommend installing it on a test site somewhere to see for yourself.

Then please come back here and share your thoughts on the plugin.

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