Coming soon: 3 New Awesome WordPress Themes

Coming soon: 3 New Awesome WordPress Themes

Our goal is to provide you a complete set of multipurpose WordPress Themes for any demands. That’s why, we’re happy to reveal the previews of our upcoming themes. We’re now working on 3 New WordPress Themes with great design and many custom features. Have a look at:

Hotelia – WordPress Theme for Hotels

Hotelia is a Premium WordPress Theme with clean, modern, responsive design and lots of dedicated features like: booking system, video background, Parallax effect, sticky navigation, hover effects, etc. This theme is a great fit for hotel/motel sites, booking sites, travel sites or similar properties.

Hotelia preview

Magellan – WordPress Theme for Travel Agencies

Magellan is a Modern WordPress Theme with bold, sharp, responsive design and many custom features to power your travel related website. It has plenty of components to represent your travel agency in a stylish way, including: travel tours, order form, travel services and more.

Magellan preview

Downtown – WordPress Theme for Restaurants

Downtown is an Elegant WordPress Theme with great elements and features for restaurant websites. We’ve packed this premium theme with a wide range of unique options, like:  stylish sliders and transition effects, filterable menu, reservation, hot offer area and much more.

Downtown preview

Keep an eye on TeslaThemes, we’ll instantly announce you about our new additions. Meanwhile, browse our current collection of WordPress themes and choose your best matching one.

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  1. Hi Dhavid, we’re currently designing a pure blogging WordPress Theme called Blogojoy, we will keep you up to date with our progress.

  2. Great news!!. Have any idea when they will be available?

    1. Hi Guillermo, Hotelia and Magellan should be available by the end of this month, and Downtown – somewhere in September, regards!

      1. “Somewhere in September”? Timbuktu? Madrid? Washington? What time in September will it be available somewhere? How will we know whether we are in the place it will be available in September and when it will be available in our locations? 🙂

        1. Hi Mark, Hotelia should be available by 28th of August, Magellan by 1st of September and Downtown by 17th of September. These are some approximate dates, as we might introduce some new features to our new themes and it could take a little more time. Hope that helps, regards!

  3. Looks great. Is there any new features are added to this themes outside design changes?

    1. Thanks Raj, of course there are some new features. All 3 themes have a new booking form + video background, Parallax effect, sticky menu for some of them and other custom features. Each theme is tailored to its particular industry.

  4. Anything in the works for photographers/ wedding photographers?

    1. We’re now working on a blog WP theme that could be used for that, still you can try Zoomy or Shape, regards!

  5. Hi ! Any good news about Hotelia ? Will it be available soon ? Tx !

    1. Hi Charles, we expect to release it this week, regards!

  6. Looking forward to Downtown!

    1. Great, we’ll let you know when it’s live!

  7. Hi

    Your idea seems nice, but when you name your themes, always make it unique and do not use the existing theme names. That will leads you to lost your business.

    Today you have launched new theme name ‘Hotelia’ and there is another theme with the same name available online.

    Hope you know well and here i advised you to make your theme name unique as well as its feature does makes sense.

    1. Hi, this is a generic name, we didn’t want to put accent on it. We guess users will appreciate the quality and design first. Regards!

  8. WOW – DownTown is exactly what I’m looking for…. how is it coming? When do you think it will be released? THANKS!

    1. Will release it ASAP. Keep your eye on us ;).

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