5 Best WordPress Plugins to Back Up your Website

5 Best WordPress Plugins to Back Up your Website

Most of the WordPress websites (if not all) are susceptible to a host of issues, and keeping a site safe is not an easy feast for the webmasters. Your site can be hacked, or you may encounter some technical glitches, which eventually increases the risk of losing all your work. Thus, it becomes needful to backup your website. Unfortunately, WordPress backup facilities may not prove beneficial for you. But you shouldn’t worry as there are a lot of WordPress plugins that can help you keep your website backup, so as to save you from losing your valuable data when your site breaks.

Let’s have a look at the 5 remarkably useful WordPress backup plugins, and their pros and cons that makes them so popular among masses:

1. VaultPress


VaultPress is built by Automatic and in order to use the plugin you are required to sign up for the VaultPress subscription service that comes with different plans and costs. Its basic plan starts at $5 per month.


  • This plugin automatically backup your WP site in real-time. Once you’ve installed VaultPress, with just a single click you can restore your complete site.
  • It provides automated security scanning service with one-click repairs. Additionally, its “review and fix” feature empower users to review suspicious code easily and fix some of the most common threats merely with a click of a button.
  • With this plugin you get the advantage of choosing whether you want to download or restore your website theme, plugins, database and uploads.


  • For using VaultPress users have to incur a recurring fee on monthly basis. And if you’re running multiple sites, then using this plugin will make you spend chunks of money.
  • The second downside to this plugin is that automatic updates puts an enormous strain on your web host bandwidth. This may cause your site to load slowly (especially if you’re running a large one).

2. BackupBuddy


This is one of the most sought-after premium WordPress backup plugins that is a good alternative to the VaultPress backup plugin – if you don’t want to opt for a subscription based service. It offers different backup plans as listed below:

  • $75 for using it up to two websites
  • $100 for using it up to ten sites
  • $150 for using it on unlimited sites


  • This plugin is easy to operate.
  • With Backup Buddy you can backup everything present on your site and run a malware scan as well.
  • It helps to schedule backups on daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Allows to store the backup in different sources like Dropbox, RackSpaceCloud, and Amazon S3 to name a few.


  • Some of its features are not automated.

3. BackUpWordPress


If you are searching for a simple yet effective WP backup plugin that allows to create a complete backup of your entire website quickly and easily, then BackUpWordpress will best suit your needs. This is a great plugin that is perfect for WordPress beginners because of its simplicity and it’s free to download.


  • It doesn’t requires a set-up.
  • With this plugin, you can schedule how you would like to create a backup, when you want the backup process to get started and how many backups needs to be stored.
  • It provides users with the option to receive all your backups via email.


  • It doesn’t provide the option to store backup in sources like DropBox or Amazon S3.

4. BackWPup


This is another free and simple to use backup plugin. BackWPup allows to create a backup of WordPress files and databases (excluding directories) on disparate cloud options like Amazon S3, DropBox, etc.


  • It helps to check and repair your database if required.
  • With BackWPup you can keep a backup of your files in several formats like .zip, and several other formats that suits you; and thus, ensures that your backups takes little space to be stored on your web server or third-party backup service.
  • It is a great plugin for site owners running multiple WordPress sites, as it provides multi-site support which helps to save substantial amount of time in setting up various plugins and backup systems.


  • It comes with limited features.
  • It doesn’t have any option to store backup to some different server.
  • You may find lack of support for this plugin.

5. myRepono WordPress Backup Plugin


This plugin offers a complete backup solution for your WordPress site, which includes creating backup of your WordPress website files and database. You can get quick response to any of your queries, as it’s a well-supported plugin.


  • It provides on-click complete restore of your entire site and database.
  • It’s extremely easy to use and very reliable.


  • You need to put money into your account for using the plugin within 24 hours, or your backup will be deleted.

Let’s Wrap Up!

Whether you’re running a WP powered site or a blog, you’d certainly be devastated if you lose all your content posted into your site or blog. There are several reasons that impose a threat to your site data, and so you’ll have to keep it safe which can be done by keeping a backup of it. Although, the WordPress built-in backup facilities aren’t enough, but there are a number of plugins that can be used to keep a backup of your website, some of them are described as above.

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  1. Database backup amazon s3 is simple yet a great plugin.I use this plugin to backup my database and restore them whenever i want.It’s just the best of the best and a must have plugin for bloggers and fashion website owners.

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