10 Reasons Why Your About Page Isn’t Working

10 Reasons Why Your About Page Isn’t Working

When it comes to creating a well-crafted and cleverly designed website, there are a lot of factors to consider — and it’s a lengthy process for sure.

You have to create impeccable landing pages, whip up imaginative copy and integrate stunning visuals throughout your website design. You have to make sure you’re providing your users with all the information that they need, in as visually-pleasing in a way as possible. And web design has a major impact on consumer spending.

But one page that’s often overlooked is the “About Us” page.

You can’t forget to put the time and effort into these “About Us” pages. These landing pages are often the most visited pages on a website. In fact, 52 percent of users want to see these “About Us” pages once hitting on a company’s website.

But often, companies brush off the importance of these pages and the information they provide users. This leads them to make major mistakes that affect the user experience and turn people away.

If you’re making any of these 10 “About Us” page mistakes, it’s time to give your landing page a refresh.

You don’t have an “About Us” page

First things first. Do you have an “About Us” page? An “About” page is one of the most visited pages on a website, and people often look here to learn more about a company, its products, and its services. They go here to learn about an organization, its values, its history and how reliable it is.

Don’t leave consumers in the dark. If you do, consumers will be less likely to go through with purchases or interact with the brand itself. Instead, invest in a stunning design that speaks to your demographic and represents the company well through stunning images, creative typography and messaging that’s on-brand, like Refinery29 does.

Your “About Us” page is hard to find

Another mistake many brands make is making the “About” page difficult to find. Either it’s buried in a drop-down list, hidden within a poorly described headline or lacking the real information users are looking for when seeking out the page itself.

You never want to make it more difficult for the consumer than it has to be — that’s one of the first rules of marketing and design alike. And 44 percent of consumers will leave a website if they can’t find this vital company and contact information.

Brands can’t afford consumers leaving their site without completing the desired actions — so make sure the journey is an easy and simple one.

It’s all video and no text

Video is a great medium for giving users information in a fun and creative way. But an “About” page is not the place to use a video to try and tell your audience everything about yourself.

They aren’t going to waste time watching a video, especially because for a video to provide all the information necessary, it would be far too lengthy. They want quick facts. And while video is a useful medium to present information, there is just too much that needs to be said in this section for a video to cover.

Or it’s all text and no visuals

Just like users don’t want to see an “About” page that’s all visuals and no text, they don’t want to see a page that’s just text and no visuals.

Show off your company style! Include a company photo, or photos. Have some fun with it. Show your company history and culture through fun visuals that will get users engaged and give them an understanding of your company as a while.

If you don’t, they’ll think you’re boring. They’ll think you lack imagination, compassion and humanity. And they certainly won’t waste any more time trying to find out if you’re the brand for them. Instead, go for a perfect balance of information and a star piece of content, like Salemtown Board Co.’s brand video above, which is featured on their “About Us” page.

Your “About Us” page is too self-absorbed

A lot goes in to a company’s “About” page. But it’s not a place to just talk about what makes you great. You have to touch on a variety of topics that give a well-rounded and accurate depiction of your brand.

You have to talk about your history. You have to talk about your accomplishments. But you should also do it through testimonials, reviews and other consumer feedback. You should talk about what makes you unique and what helps you stand out against the competition. But you should also be talking about your goals and objectives while you’re at it.

The “About” page isn’t the place for boasting. It’s the place to provide valuable information to consumers.


It’s too long

Of course, there is a lot of information you need to provide in an “About” section, but don’t go overboard. An “About” page that has too many words is just as off putting as a page that doesn’t have any.

Consumers care, but not enough to read through a novel’s-worth of text about your company history and objectives.

Your “About Us” page doesn’t include an opt-in lists or forms

Considering the “About” page is one of the most-visited pages on your site, you should be taking advantage of it. You should providing ways for consumers to opt in to newsletters, email lists and social media accounts. Seventy-one percent of social media users say that if they have a positive social media experience with a brand, they are likely to recommend that brand to a friend.

You want as much exposure as possible. You want as many people as possible interacting with your content at all times. By providing these one-click options, it’s a no brainer! Something as simple as a subtle newsletter popup, like Airbnb utilizes, can help move the needle.

You’re not linking to landing pages

Interlinking in articles is important, as you probably already know. But did you know that you can have extreme success by including links into your landing pages as well?

People will likely go to your “About” page before anything else. Don’t make them have to search for your products, services or testimonials – just give them direct access! This makes their entire user experience easier and more pleasant, which will keep them clicking throughout your site and improve your overall conversions.

There’s no personality

Every brand has a voice, but it’s important to hone in on it in your “About” page. This is where you can let your true personality shine! Throw in some jokes, some silly puns and some clever asides.

People want to know that they are interacting with a human brand. Your voice can still be professional while having a bit of flare.

The creative agency Band executes this well. Their homepage doubles as their “About Us” page, with subtle animations, creative illustrations and a friendly, casual tone capturing potential clients.


The design of your “About Us” page is lacking

Of course, design is vital to the experience overall. Thirty-eight percent of people will stop interacting with a site if it is unappealing.

This means that your “About” page has too look the part just as well as it sounds and reads the part. Don’t skimp on the effects — like interactive animations, clever copy, inspiring images and engaging video.

And make sure it’s organized!

The 10 “About” Page Mistakes Most Brands Are Making

Are you making any of these mistakes? Because the time to act is now! Check out your company “About” page and give it a skim. If it:

  1. Doesn’t exist.
  2. Is difficult to find.
  3. Only includes video.
  4. Only include text.
  5. Is too “About You.”
  6. Is too wordy.
  7. Doesn’t include opt-in forms.
  8. Doesn’t include interlinks.
  9. Lacks personality.
  10. Has lacking design.

Then it’s time for a refresh! Optimizing this page and its content is vital for an “About” page that wows and helps drive results. Make the edits today! It’s never too late.

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