10 Web Design Trends To Integrate Into Your Web Development And Marketing

10 Web Design Trends To Integrate Into Your Web Development And Marketing

In order to register your online presence with the maximum impact, web design plays a very crucial role. Your website doesn’t exist for the mere reason of just being there; your job isn’t done just by putting together a simply plain website. If you are doing so, you are probably hampering the success of your own business. Hence, a person is to be called a fool if they undermine the relevance of a great web design/development and how it can make or break the business that they are trying to deliver.

Your target audience views your business website as just one of the many providers in the market. In order to attract them into doing business with the brand behind this website i.e. your business, you need to offer a super aesthetic and high-on-function website with an impressive user interface so that you can turn them into your customers. While you are involved in the website building process, you will need to swear by the most recent trends in web development and marketing and will have to abide by them at all costs.

Now, that 2019 is almost here, what are some of the most important web development and marketing web design trends that will influence the design success of the websites to come? Let’s explore.

Multiple Color branding

Initially, Designing was mostly about the clever use of colors because they manage to grab your attention like nothing else. The right color scheme that is pleasing to the eye and is well thought out will always encourage your website visitors to stay longer and return often. So, in 2018, the digital world saw this web design trend where brands were using multiple color branding look in order to help their audience relate with their website and the business offerings, subconsciously. This is so because the human brain tends to associate colors to certain memories. This also involved the use of bold and loud colors in the web design, even for the most serious of all the brands.

Gradient impacted Design

Ever had the chance to visit the website for Stripe?

Well, it’s super trendy in terms of the web design and development pursuit because it actively employs the use of Gradients. Have a look.


Gradients are the eventual blending of one color to another, creating new colors. They work to add depth to the background, without making it too loud. They are definitely a unique, modern, and refreshing addition to the web design world. But, the truth is that Gradients have been modernized, given to how they were used in the past.

For you, as a business website that is looking for conversion and sales, you must approach the design and development of your website using color fades to add visual interest and create user engagement to drive more sales.

Abstract Shapes

The abstract shapes trend happened to brace the design sphere in 2018 and people started loving them. Offering an element of awe and providing users with something to stay intrigued with, these abstract shapes are very helpful for brands when they want to express certain emotions that they otherwise would have a hard time with.


Abstract illustrations are a perfect deviation from plain imagery of photographs and videos and they work perfectly to suggest a particular mood. It is highly recommended that businesses stay quirky in their web design and development approach by opting for Abstract illustrations. They will eventually help the target audience grasp the right brand image.

Scroll animations

Non-traditional scrolling aka the latest Scroll animations can really liven up your website. If you are not aware, these scroll animations help elements appear or move on the website as the audience scrolls down the page.

You must have witnessed the fixed background scrolling where the background elements stay in place while the rest of the components continue to scroll. That’s another thing. Check out the website for Igor to understand Scroll Animations better.


More and more websites are enabling their web design by going for these Scrolling animations. You must definitely implement this in your site’s design and web development as well because they are a huge user-experience booster.

Bold Titles

For part of your web design experiments that are aimed at impressing your audience with impeccable user experience, you must look to send out a clear and loud message; this is where Bold titles come to play as web design and marketing trends. Using Bold Typography, you can make your website a huge hit with your audience.


Bold typography helps you sprinkle power in your brand’s messages, and put your brand forward as a strengthened identity. If your website design is powered with minimalism, that’s even better. You will then be able to say more through simplicity and impress your audience.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) initiative is about a renewed focus on web performance so that websites can amp up the user expectation by quickly loading web pages with responsive web design. It improves usability and convinces visitors to stay longer on the website, driving more traffic.


AMP is all about consistently making your website fast, beautiful and high-performing across devices and distribution platforms. So, why not use it in the process of making your web design, development more efficient and delivering high performance and engagement.


Websites exist for the reason of assisting the site visitors with information on products or other general information that they are looking for. This is where Chatbots extend this functionality and now they have become quite a compulsory web design and development trend. Especially, when you are an eCommerce website, you must have this trend implemented.

As per a prediction, by 2020, almost 85% of all customer interactions will proceed without any human assistance. So, you must direct the design and development professionals working on your web design to get advanced chatbots based on artificial intelligence to help your site visitors.

Single page design

Let’s keep this one simple. The trend of a single page website is not very new but the truth is that it is still trending. Having this approach at your website design and development will let you furnish full information to the audience without forcing them to move towards any other web page. When you remove complex navigation and multi-level menus, you are crafting a great user experience for your web properties.

Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

This might be a trend for large-sized businesses and their websites, but small businesses and startup can definitely benefit from Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality implementation.

An excellent example of VR implementation is the website for Virtual Spaces. This Mobile Virtual Reality startup helps their customers in visualizing architectural drawings using Immersive technology for quality renderings for the Real Estate properties. Similarly, businesses can embed the impact of Artificial Intelligence into their websites to learn more about their target audience and offer personalized browsing/shopping experience.


You just went through some of the most important Web Design trends that you can eventually integrate into your Web Development and Marketing efforts to either create an excellent website or amp up your marketing moves. However, there are yet so many trends out there that also deserve your attention. We hope to explore many more trends for you in our future blog posts. So, stay tuned for more.

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