No joke! WordPress Theme Lifetime access and 2 months of Free Hosting for just $24.

No joke! WordPress Theme Lifetime access and 2 months of Free Hosting for just $24.

Can you believe it? It’s hard enough for me too, but still, I am the person who negotiated this deal and brought it to you, so if not me, then who? 🙂

I’m not going to torture you with marketing stuff like “A theme costs $48, the average price of 2 months hosting is minimum $34 per month”, but now you can pay only $24 and get it all. No, I won’t force you to do that.

Having an optimized WordPress Theme coded by professionals and an optimized WordPress hosting will help your business in the long run. A good theme will give your business website a professional look and a good web host will make sure your website stays up and healthy at all times.

TeslaThemes and Cloudways have partnered up and now giving you a chance to get any theme from our inventory at half price and along with that FREE hosting from Cloudways – we highly recommend Cloudways as a WordPress hosting provider because their support and loading times are incredibly fast.

First of all, why is a website so important?

I can’t imagine a single person in this era who wouldn’t know a simple thing as the internet: if a business doesn’t exist online, it will hardly get any presence. Every business needs a strong online presence – a good-looking, secure and smoothly working website. This is crucial not only for a business’s growth, but for its very existence. Where else can you find and monitor your clients and what they do online?

What is a WordPress theme for?

You will never get a second chance to make a first impression. A beautiful and fully customized WP theme is designed to ensure your website’s perfect appearance, well organized, easily understandable, and accentuating valuable content is well-defined and visible. You can choose any of our premium themes with clean design and powerful features to make your businesses look impressive and attractive for your future and existing clients.

Why selecting a good hosting should be your top priority for business website?

We strongly recommend going with a specialized WordPress hosting provider like Cloudways. They provide 24/7 support, easy features to quickly launch and manage multiple WordPress websites. Their servers perform very well and you can bet you will have a website loading under a second.

As you can see, it’s quite complicated, because you need to make a very serious choice. It is clear that one should be prepared for the pitfalls of a WP website’s development and maintenance. And here we come with the possibility mentioned above! Create a brilliant-looking website and give this hosting provider a free try, using a $30 coupon for hosting from our friends and our huge discount for any TeslaThemes theme. I know that you, as a responsible entrepreneur, are ready to invest a certain amount of money in your business’s development and growth. But why not save something when it is possible? It’s business and every dime is of great value. Don’t worry, you will have enough possibilities to spend your money.

I hope you’re not tired yet and are still eager to learn more on how to benefit from the offer mentioned in the title.
The steps are simple as A, B, C and absolutely easy to follow:

  • Use coupon code APRIL1 to get any Theme for $24
  • Use the same coupon in Cloudways and get a $30 FREE hosting credit for any hosting plan you choose.

Nice one, eh? And it’s extremely easy to get. 🙂

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