Using Your iPhone for Blog Photos, Consider These Tips

Using Your iPhone for Blog Photos, Consider These Tips

There are many places to get photos for your website and blog content. Stock websites, like iStock, Stocksy and 500px. Or Unsplash which is 100% free, creative commons photos.

But what about your mobile phone? The cameras in modern devices are very good. They’re not a professional digital camera, but with the pairing of settings and certain apps, they can be impressive.

With that in mind, the video below has a few tips that can help enhance your iPhone photography experience. Keep these in mind when capturing new photographs for your website and blog.

Of course, iPhones run out of space. So the next video will share how to optimize your space and safely backup your photos like you would your WordPress website.

Have your own iPhone photo tips? Comment and let us know!

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  1. Thank you for the post.

  2. iPhone is the best option for blog photos, especially its quality and sharpness makes it so use the full device for blog photos. Actually prominent bloggers also uses the iPhone for their blogs.

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