How to maximize your E-commerce Store Sales?

How to maximize your E-commerce Store Sales?

To generate higher leads and potential conversions for your E-commerce website, you will need to stay abreast of lucrative marketing techniques. This will help you drive maximum sales for your web business in a very effective and efficient manner. With the advent of so many online store hacks, we are sure that you have some tips up your sleeves, too. At the end of the day, all you want is a highly profitable E-commerce store that is the talk of the town.

With this core concept in mind, we bring you the list of best marketing tactics that will help you maximize your E-commerce store sales.

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Revamp your email marketing campaign


  • Frequently send emails to your subscribers

The best way to let out more information regarding your E-commerce website is to interact with the subscribers on a regular basis. As a marketer of your website, sending out frequent mails to them will have a significant effect on their audience mindset. It also remains equally important to attract new subscribers by either giving away first-timer discount coupons, e-books or other attractive give-aways.

You can schedule the time slot for the emails so that the email receiving audience knows when to expect a mail or newsletter from you. These mails can include the latest blog posts from your website, an event or just a promotional offer.

Your E-commerce store is a place that deserves a lot of activity. Make sure that you spend considerable amount of time interacting with your website visitors. If you have a Live Chat option on your site, mark your availability so that potential customers don’t have to wait up for longer time periods. Also, carefully scan the comment section of your site to respond to specific customer requests or queries. Keep checking the website’s email inbox for the same.

  • Give information related to new discounts offers and promotional events via emails

Most of the people who prefer online stores over the physical ones are looking for discounts, sale or some other promotional event. If you have rolled out such a haul or plan to do so, you must inform your registered subscribers about it, on a prior notice. This will ensure that they benefit from the activity and also your revenue is multiplied.

Employ social selling


  • Create a Facebook Page

Facebook is one of the most dominating social media platforms for driving targeted web traffic. As per a data, there are over 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users, worldwide. With this kind of exposure available, you can effortlessly imagine how many users can be at your business’ receiving ends.

Your E-commerce business can flourish if you choose to promote and sell your products directly on your official Facebook page. So, set up an official page for your business and regularly post updates about the happenings relevant to your business. For an aggressive Facebook marketing, you can use tools like HootSuite and Buffer for scheduling regular push-out updates.

  • Use Instagram

With the visual USP of the platform, Instagram; you can showcase your business products and maximize the online revenue in an efficient manner. This photo sharing platform has given many brands more than 25 percent engagement across social networks.

You can feature your products through the Instagram posts and showcase the same to your followers. Well, the catch here is scoring the relevant followers so that your online store reaches the right kind of audience. If you want a more influential Instagram rollout of your product updates, you can collaborate with influencers relevant to your industry and ask them to either review or market your product/service through their social media channels.

Build trust among your potential customers


Your online store handles a lot of crucial customer data that entails monetary detail. So, if you want your potential customers to trust your website and spend their hard earned money to buy your business products, you must inculcate the trust factor.  

Add genuine product reviews and testimonials on landing pages so that the potential customers are aware of trustworthiness of your business. To further assist them for a smoother buying journey, integrate ‘live chat” section. A fast loading website will tend to gain more trust from users. Hence, always use the services from a good web hosting provider. It will ensure a safe and fast customer experience.

The best way to prompt them into trusting your services is by offering them a referral system so that they can earn some money off you. They will be able to add new people to the loop, hence providing you with more clients.

Leverage Upselling and Downselling

The art of upselling is an advanced sales strategy. It is a feat to pitch in an even more expensive product or service along with the chosen one. Upselling boosts your sales revenue when rightly executed. However, it is important to stay relevant by pitching the right product with the original product. To achieve amazing results at upselling, you must aim to provide better products to your customers to let them make a purchase instantly.

In case, people are not willing to go for your upselling, you can use downselling to your advantage. When people are not willing to buy expensive services, you can use narrow down their expectations and pitch in your new product.

Reduce the cart abandonment rate


A lot of reluctant visitors abandon an online store due to several factors like technical website glitches, lengthy check out procedure etc. A proper E-commerce store provides a seamless shopping experience to their website visitors. So, it is very important to make sure that most of the visitors complete their buying process.

You can prompt them into the decision of completing the process by presenting discount coupons, or cashback deals. Additionally, consider designing your cart in such a way that users are shown related products so that they make a confirmed purchase. Also, allowing unregistered users to complete the purchase process without an actual website registration will lower the cart abandonment rate.

If your site’s registered users are having a hard time logging into their accounts, your customer line is mostly lost. You must offer the easiest yet the most secure way to help them re-access their account.

Simplify your checkout process

It is very important to remove unnecessary steps from your checkout process or make them optional. This way, when the customer has finally added the desired products to the cart; he/she will have a lower chance of postponing the purchase. The best way to ensure the seamless customer experience is to facilitate a one-page checkout process. You can even take help from your web developer and simply the process.

Focus on your Ad spending

Running an E-commerce store requires major calculations regarding the expenditure involved. To many, outflow made on marketing might seem like an unnecessary expense. Though this expenditure isn’t useless, one must carefully monitor the incoming benefits.

To ensure focused results, use Google AdWords to improve the visibility of your web store in Google via your main set of keyword phrases. Also, advertise your products/services on Facebook, Instagram, and others social channels.  

Engage in a good SEO practice

A website with a proper visibility on the search engines brings in more visitors, and hence more revenue. With so many online stores in the arena, making a mark in the market is a difficult task. You must optimize your e-store for search engines to get higher ranking on Google and other search engines. Always include quality and SEO-friendly content so that your impressive online store gets well-mapped.

  • Submit an XML sitemap of your E-commerce website so that the bots can intelligently crawl your site.
  • Your website must be speedy so that site visitors can make a purchase swiftly.
  • Internal linking is a key aspect for your site’s SEO. It lets you rank your top keywords by helping you establishing the anchor text.


An E-commerce store requires a lot of marketing efforts and the lump sum of your site’s customer experiences. The mass existence of many similar websites makes the competition tougher. To pep-up your game, you can use tools like Hotjar to analyse the vital information about your e-commerce website’s visitors. With these compelling and thriving tips, you will be able to encourage your potential buyers to make an informed decision and prompt them to re-visit your store, every time they plan to make a new purchase.


Author Bio: Lucy is an experienced Web Developer, currently working for a WordPress Development Company. She is also a blogger and enjoys sharing her thoughts through her posts.

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