How To Create High Converting Landing Pages

How To Create High Converting Landing Pages

The entire Internet is selling something or the other; be it a product or a service. Also, online selling is an art, and with such competition facing the world wide web, high converting selling offers are the deal-breakers.

So, what determines the success of your online digital campaign?

The right marketing strategy, a robust website that loads instantly, internal and external planning, identification of the end-users’ pain points, and deliverance of what customers want is the most appropriate shot at successful online selling. However, the currently component of digital marketing remains The Landing pages.

Landing pages are specially crafted, objective-oriented web pages that serve as a point of entry to your website when visitors stumble upon them while looking for information on the search engine. Curated for promoting a product, an offer, an advertising campaign, or things of similar nature – a powerful Call-to-Action is the point of conversion in these landing pages.

Companies and major brands are running hefty online campaigns to lure their customers into buying their subscriptions, enroll for an online course, sell content after they create a blog, i.e., influencer marketing, sell products and services through some efforts in their digital marketing pursuit. Designing a great Landing page is one of them.

But, how do you design a great Landing page?

If you are struggling with similar questions, here is an ‘Everything Checklist’ for you to design a highly converting landing page – the World’s best landing page.

An amazing layout

You can never tempt an individual into reading or going through whatever; you are selling if that doesn’t look impressive enough. When talking about Landing pages, the fact is universal. Its components are:

  • The right usage of black & white space
  • Highlighted Logo placement
  • Copywriting that inspires
  • Flat design
  • The right use of animation
  • Clever use of major brand colors
  • Call-to-action (CTA) placement
  • Minimalistic design
  • Flat background for sober appearance

To create a very impressive layout for your landing pages, you can dig the internet for blog posts that feature the best templates for amazing landing pages.


An audience can be manipulated with sentimental stimulation, and that’s a dirty trade secret. Having a simple yet powerful story behind your landing page can garner a lot of attention and convert leads into loyal customers. Associating the audience’s pain point and weaving it into your template can be a great sale booster.

Great content

The greatest headline

Coming up with a killer headline will garner attention and demand understanding from the reader. However, if you are new to blogging, you must understand that a click-bait isn’t encouraged. This headline has to be crisp, short and yet should be capable of delivering the summary of your product.

An even better subheading

When you are drafting a subheading, be clever and try to deliver the keywords for your offering. This attention-grabbing subheading should also show up in the search engine result page to keep the relevance aligned. A subheading is declarative & persuasive in nature and can convey more than just your goal. It can make your landing page visitors move ahead on the page.

A great featured image/video/animation

All form of visual stimulation holds your viewers. And as they say, pictures convey more than words could ever. So, make sure you employ the best and an original header photo, video, or animation for your landing page. This large and high-quality visual element must be relevant to the business idea behind your template and showcase how your offering works. FYI, using videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 86%.

Whatever you are selling is unique to its core

Emphasis on ‘Whatever you are selling is unique to its core’

You cannot ignore the fact that you are not the only marketer of whatever service/product you are offering. So, how do you create that extra edge and stay ahead of the competition created by the landing pages of your competing businesses?

Driven by bullet points

Your landing page owes an interesting explanation to the people who will be going through it. Talk about how your offering can be a life-changing decision for whatever issue it pertains to, in the life of the visitor. But, do not throw information around. Be crisp and use a bulleted list to talk about it.

A listicle of the benefits

A fairly easy one to understand; when you talk about benefits, people listen closely. Present a listicle of the benefits provided by your offering. This list can also discuss the functionality of your offer, in the favor of the user, so that you can let out most of the information in manner users find interesting to read through.

Build trust and then testify it

Building trust is a crucial part of the selling process. When you give out signals about your business in the form of trust factors, people tend to sign up for your offers. You can mention:

  • Testimonials –Customers talk about how successful your offers have been in effectively transforming a particular aspect of their personal/professional life.
  • Reviews–Reviews are not always on the positive side but they seem authentic to the generic public. So, incorporating a few of them on the landing page can be a good idea for conversion.
  • Badges – Online badges are given by internet ruling authorities. In your case, they can be the ones provided by your industry influencers. When your landing page has a badge or two, visitors feel safer while signing up for your offer. Hence, the rate of conversion can be high.

Focus on the User-experience

A landing page is a mainstream offering which craves for leads. In order to ensure that most of these leads convert, the template and the design of your landing page must be focused at enhancing the user-experience throughout.

  • The landing page must be mobile-friendly and responsive so that it can be accessed by leads on all probable platforms.It will also largely depend on the website builder in place. So, before you make a choice, always review website builders.
  • They should be distraction-free and not work to take away the visitor’s attention to something else apart from the objective.
  • Must be easy to understand and comprehend. It should be readable and jargon-free.
  • Most importantly, the format of the landing page must be such that the users don’t find it overwhelming to connect with the objective of your landing page. The flow of information should be apt.

Slip in a great Call-to-Action

The characteristic of a great Call-to-Action button is its seamlessness and the ability to merge with the other content without appearing to be ‘forced’. To materialize your offer, the CTA should be cleverly placed and must grab the user’s attention. An obvious CTA can do the talking for you. However, figuring out the rights space for placing it will require some brainstorming and A/B testing in different phases.

Point of Contact

If you are planning to design a landing page and send it out for conversions, you will have to prove your being as well. Nobody will invest in a business that they think does not exists. Hence, providing proof of existence in the form of a legit email address, business location, and a point of contact (phone number & a contact form)is a must.


A Thank-you page

This pointer on the checklist can only be ticked off when your leads convert. Yet, it is important to incorporate a ‘Thank you’ page when visitors finally click on that CTA button and follow your instructions. After all, staying humble is the key to encouraging loyal customers.

In a nutshell

When put up in a right manner, Landing pages can be your greatest assets for conversions. They have been touted to perform even at the most basic level. With advanced expertise at creating landing pages, sky will never be the limit for your online conversion campaigns.

With our ‘Know-it-all’ checklist, we hope that you will be able to convert a large number of leads for your many different offers. If you have other amazing tips for creating an awesome landing page, do share them with us in the comments below.

Catherrine Garcia is a passionate blogger and a freelance Web Developer currently working for WPCodingDev. She along with her group of freelance developers are experts of creating Websites on WordPress.

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