Giveaway: Win a fancy Moto 360 smartwatch

Giveaway: Win a fancy Moto 360 smartwatch



1st place: Lisa Wilkinson
2nd place: Steven Tryon
3rd place: Alice Isis Serraon

We’re starting the new year with a great promotion. Get a chance to win a stylish Moto 360 smartwatch or Amazon gift cards worth $150. Each of 3 lucky winners will get awesome prizes: 1st place will have one of the best Android smartwatches, 2nd place will get a $100 Amazon gift card and 3rd place will have a $50 Amazon gift card.

Simply share this post on your social media profiles and get the chance to win. It’s a limited time promotion, so enter now!



Period of time: From 28th January, 2015 to 6th February, 2015
Prizes: 1st place (Moto 360 smartwatch); 2nd place ($100 Amazon gift card); 3rd place ($50 Amazon gift card)
How to enter? Simply follow our Twitter profile and share this post using the widget below


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– All users who are 18+ years old are eligible to enter the contest. This is an one entry contest available worldwide per 1 user and email address, all duplicate entries will be ignored.
– The winners will be selected via Rafflecopter tool. We’ll announce the winners on 9th February, 2015 and send them further instruction on how to get their prizes.
– The big prize (Moto 360 smartwatch) will be shipped to the winner for free. The winner will be responsible for any local taxes that may occur.

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  1. I like wearables to help in monitoring my fitness and health which is important to me.

  2. Because they are so fashionable.

  3. Love,love,love this company.they are so unique.can’t get enough.thanks so very much.

  4. It keeps my hands free to do other things.

  5. Pretty interested to take one of these for a spin.

  6. Whether it’s tracking my day as I go or providing me with timely and relevant updates, a wearable only adds to the all the things I love about my smartphone.

  7. This is awesome, gorgeous smartwatch!

  8. Wearables are Simply amazing and creative designs

  9. Beautiful watch

  10. Beautiful watch with technology, why not?

  11. If I’m using wearables, I don’t have to dig through my purse hunting for my devices!

  12. I love wearables because they look good and they are useful.

  13. Since wearables are trend right now, I would love to have that fancy moto 360 smart watch.

    Thank you!

  14. Wohooo…. Amazing giveaway! Thanks for giving me one more hope to win. I’m very excited with this giveaway and I hope I’ll win this contest and will use this beautiful watch.
    Also, Best of luck to all other participants…


  15. I like weareables because allows me to simplify my workflow.

  16. Would love to win!!

  17. I would like to own one of these smartwatches

  18. they r beautiful 🙂

  19. Innovative and smart!

  20. smart, attractive

  21. Because it keeps my hands free!

  22. It is very practical and useful

  23. I love wearables because who wouldn’t!? They are pretty darn awesome(:

  24. I love being connected and not having to carry a klunky device; very nice looking watch.

  25. I like wearables because you don’t have to worry about carrying something extra.. you always have it.

  26. Such a great love this!

  27. They look stylish.

  28. This is just an awesome giveaway!! I have used many themes from TeslaThemes and really found them easy to use and feature rich.
    I wish all the best to all the participants.

  29. i love just about anything i can wear. and a great watch like this WOW!!! its just great really great giveaway. how lucky anyone who wins will be.

  30. I love wearables since they keep me easily connected throughout my busy days and they look great.

  31. wearables are nice looking and makes my work easily done 😀

  32. They are smart & beautiful.

  33. I love wearables because they can let me recieve calls & notifications on my wrist without even taking out my phone from my pocket or bag…

    Thank You for the opportunity…I hope I win… 🙂

  34. Sooo smart…

  35. I like wearables because they bring me one step closer to being James Bond.

  36. I love wearables because I could take them anywhere I want and answering calls and text is never been so convenient without it

  37. They are pleasing to the eye. Very functional and I like the fact they arent huge but very cool looking

  38. Wearables is the feature of technology, always with connected user!

  39. Its nice to wear something new and stylish for once~

  40. Smart Theme and good pricing !

  41. I would love it…but I never had it and without a win who knows when I will have it.
    Good luck everybody

  42. Because they’re the next big thing!

  43. I love the idea of being able to easily check status messages while on the run. Often when I’m on the train my phone is firmly in my pocket and as a daily commuter it’d be great to check if that latest status buzz was from a text message or e-mail that I can check or something that could be ignored until later.

  44. Very smart would love to wear this watch it does so much

  45. The watch is beatiful and ilove to win

  46. I love wearables for the hands free-ness of everything. Being able to speak commands and perform tasks like answering texts without digging your phone out of your pocket would be super helpful on my biking commute to work each day!

  47. I like wearables to help in monitoring my fitness activity

  48. I love wearables because they are so fashionable and look nice.

  49. I just like wearable gadgets

  50. I walready have a LG G watch and it’s very cool! 🙂 I use it everyday for fitness, answering messages and so on.

  51. I LOVE Wearable Technology! It makes me feel futuristic and the convenience is pretty nice too!

  52. I would Love these wearables to WIN as these smartwatches are very useful like smartphones and its fashionably adorable too 🙂 I wish to Win

  53. They look amazing!

  54. I don’t know why I like wearables, but I can’t wait to find out! I am always connected and think that would be awesome. Also, Tesla Themes are awesome!

  55. keeps me up2date without looking every second on my mobile 🙂

  56. Love it, learning to program for wearables now!

  57. I like wearables because they look stylish and they are useful.

  58. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. Good luck for you all……..

  59. Great themes!

  60. i love them because there fashionable and fill naked without my watch

  61. I would like to wear a wearables because I think they make a good fashion statement.

  62. I love wearables because is cool, this is the future.

  63. Wearables make life easier.

  64. Would be a nice gift from tesla themes 🙂
    Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  65. Because I just don’t get nagged enough by everything else in my life. 🙂

  66. it is just awesome to wear and shows you are updated with technology 🙂

  67. So much more practical than a slab in my pocket

  68. I would love a wearable, especially this one since it has a nice design.

  69. Smart watches are useful for business notifications, and my OLD Sony LiveView just doesn’t cut it anymore.

  70. Amazing, useful watch! I need it!

  71. I love wearables because they are techy and stylish

  72. I really love wearables because they’re a great way to stay connected without a lot of gadgets and, if it be the case, they also can get connected with my other gadgets. And, of course, they are pretty beautiful. They’re wonderful.

  73. I like them because it means I only need to keep my phone near me, rather than on me. This is particularly great when i’m at home. As I tend to miss calls when cooking or watching TV and have forgotten to bring my phone down/take it out of my coat.

  74. Love wearables as they take technology to a new practical level.

  75. I find wearables useful, nothing gets me into more trouble with the wife. That aside I love all things that push the imagination and make us thing of new ways to do things.

  76. I don’t wear any as ones I like cost a fortune, but this one is really nice! 😀

  77. Love the unique, creative themes and glad to be a lifetime member. Excited to see what we can create together! Thanks so much for running this contest.

  78. Want it…Want it….Want it…Want it. Ill let you all know when I win it. lol

  79. Because they are so handy on the go

  80. Awesome great technology

  81. Wearable technology in my opinion is something that has broken the barrier of past and future ideas. You think futuristic gadgets; smart watches come into mind… It’s mind blowing how steadily technology has grown over the last 10 – 20 – 30+ years. The Moto 360 or any smart watch is just the beginning of something bigger to come.

  82. I like to try new products and experience the latest in technology.

  83. I can multi task and have constant interaction between me and these fab computers

  84. It looks lovely and fashionable plus ive always wanted one!!

  85. Awesome smart watch. 🙂 🙂 I would love to see this smart watch on my hand.
    Hope I win this contest. 🙂

  86. who would NOT like to wear this

  87. I love wearables because it’s the in thing nowadays.

  88. I love how wearables, especially the Moto 360 and the G Watch R, both feature great designs – but also come with lots of functionality. 🙂
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  89. I like wearables because they’re über-stylish and very practical too – best of both worlds

  90. I like wearables to help in monitoring my fitness and They look stylish.

  91. it’s so fancy!!!

  92. Love my wearable. Favorite part is the notifications without looking at my phone! The moto is a serious upgrade from my samsung fit! 🙂

  93. Ok, I like the 360 as its like the TF101, its a trend setter, plus its just a lovely thing to look at.

    However lets not forget that Tesla Themes, not only have a rather wonderful name but have quite a few rather nice themes! That’s why the developer account is what I use, I’m not greedy, I just want to play with them all (and if they start doing Drupal themes too, when that’s a bouns, hit hint)

  94. Practical and stylish and modern

  95. I love because it’s fast and simple way to get information.

  96. Wearables are awesome because they bring us closer to being cyborgs!

  97. It looks both – elegant and daily, preferably for the modern man

  98. I love Teslathemes. Awesome contest. I like wearables because I like to track my fitness activities.

  99. I always was an android guy, even tough I owned an iPhone.
    I hope winning the watch will make start running, which is nice to run and have a wearable tracking ur progress

  100. Wearables are the future, and they make simple tasks, like driving, so much safer!

  101. they are a brilliant piece of tech and it would be great to own one !!!

  102. I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about the Moto360, so it would be cool to own one.

  103. I like wearables because they’ve breathed life into what was a dying piece of fashion. Everyone I know checks the time on their phones these days so bringing back a reason to wear a watch and more including all the fitness/location tracking is amazing.

  104. I don’t understand what is “wearables” because i’m french and Google translate doesn’t translates me a correct answer. But I like it 🙂

  105. Wearable helps me to keep the phone just in pocket as it provides most of the info on your wrist.

  106. The answer is un the question! I mean… It’s a smartwatch!!!

  107. Love the style of the watch. first one that is sleek and stylish.

  108. I like wearables best for their health monitoring benefits, but the feature I notice most is their convenience.

  109. Never owned a smart watch – maybe this could be fun!

  110. If i win this Moto 360 smartwatch it would be a perfectly match with my Moto G. Great offers from Tesla Themes and Motorola

  111. I always in love with minimal and stylish design and this watch is one of them! Winning this is a dream come true.

  112. I dont have to keep removing the phone from my pocket everytime i get a call or have to read/send a message

  113. It keeps me up to date with the youngsters.

  114. Wearables are convenient and don’t get laid down and forgotten somewhere, generally.

  115. I like wearables to help in monitoring my fitness and health. I <3 running!!!

  116. Love being able to know what notification I’m getting on my phone without having to pull it out of my pocket. + fitness trackers rock.

  117. I ♥ Wearables b’coz, it realizes me that there is something which is more Smarter than me… 😀

    Fan from India.

  118. very stylish & up to date tech

  119. I love my Pebble smartwatch, it alerts me without having to pull my phone out all the time. The Moto 360 looks like a great smartwatch, I’ll have to check it out more.

  120. I love wearables because I can forward my messages and receive them without having to carry a smartphone.

  121. I believe wearable gadgets is future and i want to be part of it 🙂

  122. It’s a great site and I really hope you keep the great job you do here.

  123. Weareables are the future becoming the present. It’s like living in the Back To The Future movies. It’s cool and awesome. I just miss that flying skateboard… 🙂

  124. The tech involved with these wearables is mindblowing, love it!

  125. It’s simply more convenient than getting your phone out.

  126. a much more discreet way of having a cool gadget or tech

  127. So I can stay connected when active!

  128. Wearables are great because they allow you to check through notifications safely whilst driving, without needing to constantly pull out your phone. It also isn’t a jackass move to check your watch for a notification when in a meeting or when socializing with friends. It’s actually quite the conversation starter too.

  129. I just love adding technology to more everyday items.

  130. I’m just a gadget addicted 🙂 and I love all those wearable gadgets, but the Moto 360 smartwatch is the stylish of them all!

  131. they are fancy.

  132. I love that you can have technology wrap around your wrist! AWESOME!

  133. I like wearables because they completely change the dynamics of mobility!! 🙂

  134. nice:) thank’s Tesla Team!

  135. i NEED tHIS

  136. The make it easy to keep up to date.

  137. stylish and practical

  138. This is a great combination of style and function. I cant wait to try it.

  139. Great looking watch! I’d love to win it!

  140. I havent had the pleasure of seeing one let alone using one yet but love the very idea of these xx

  141. Because they are very stylish and efficient.

  142. Both my husband and I are trying to keep fit and wearables are a good aid in monitoring our progress.

  143. I have no idea if I’ll wear this watch. But I’ll take it 🙂

  144. speriamo di vincere!

  145. Great looking watch

  146. Because I don’t have to bring out my smartphone of the pocket too often.

  147. I love wearables because it keeps my hands free

  148. Moto 360 smartwatch looks great! I’d love to have one.

  149. Attractive design and functionality.

  150. My Gear fit helps me keep track of my fitness and I love being able to control the music player without having to pull out my phone.

  151. It looks stylish

  152. I love wearables because they include tracking information related to health and fitness.

  153. they look good.

  154. Great product, a really great prize!

  155. Stylish, desirable but still pratical. Just right for me

  156. I like wearables because they are practical, useful and look good.

  157. I guess the standard tweet is not thought out. Not all know tesla themes. For the people who does not know about your services will not get engaged as not everyone is moved by the ‘giveaways’ any longer. You should have added some relevant tags as well as your core wordpress pitch. Could have generated few more sales. check my tweet for example. Hope you like that.

  158. BTW I too love smart watches and was looking to get one. Let’s hope I would not have to buy that. 🙂

  159. Having my notifications, email, and productivity accessible with the flick of my wrist will sincerely assist in my ability to not just multi-task, but to more efficiently multitask. The simple act of taking your phone out of your pocket, unlocking, and checking notifications takes time and energy, not to mention potentially offending people you are in a conversation with. Seems like a sure bet for the social win. The Moto 360 adds elegant design to all of that usability.

  160. excellent stufff, hope to win.xx

  161. Because they look great

  162. I like wearables because they look smart and also they are so practical, handsfree and fitness monitoring

  163. Because of convenience. I can keep my hands free to do other things.

  164. I’m new to wearables, but I’d be very excited to win!!! 🙂

  165. Beautiful watch

  166. whats not to love about them, they are top technology!

  167. They look great and are always there, no digging around in bags or pockets

  168. I like wearables to help in monitoring my fitness and health

  169. They are both stylish and useful

  170. Bcoz it is so cool


  172. They are excellent quality and very stylish 🙂

  173. Watch looks great, some cool features. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  174. They are stylish, trendy and useful.

  175. I love Tesla Themes!

  176. I love the convenience of having tech available via wearables. In particular a watch would be a great connected device.

  177. That would be fantastic as it would make a great present for my husband.

  178. Look good & are useful ^_^

  179. I love wearables because they are so convenient and comfy. Makes life so much easier!!

  180. Wow!!! Excellent giveaway… Hope to win this!

  181. They’re always with me, so I don’t forget them somewhere.

  182. I love Wearables because they are so Stylish and Great looking

  183. Keeping my finger cross. Hope i am the lucky one to win this giveaway 🙂

  184. smart & cool !!

  185. I only have a plain Timex watch, but I would like to win this watch to give to my son who has the only smartphone in our family.

  186. Best smartwatch ever. I want one so badly…
    Thank you for this fantastic giveaway! Fingers crossed!

  187. Who don’t want such a beautiful watch with high technology.

  188. I’m just here for the prizes.

  189. I love wearables because I don’t need to take out my phone.

  190. I like being a techie and Wearables are techie stuff.

  191. Awaiting for results, thank you for such nice giveaway.
    All the best and hope for the best.

  192. I love Moto 360 design, looks pretty good.

  193. Nice Moto 360 smartwatch

  194. Nice Style, Hope to Win!

  195. i love wearabes because they hep me track my heart rate when i run in the mornings!

  196. Moto360 looks awesome, really nice gadget, I would love to get one

  197. apple watch killer!

  198. This is an awesome smartwatch!

  199. Wearables are the future!

  200. I haven’t worn a watch for years, mainly because I couldn’t find one that I liked enough to display on my wrist and say ‘look at this most excellent timepiece I’m exhibiting’. I love the simplicity of the design, one that hides so many secrets behind the display yet looks absolutely stunning nonetheless.

  201. Because I totally forget to take my phone out with me all the time…

  202. It’s so cool

  203. wow teslathemes … giveaway.. awesome smartwatch

  204. being constantly up to date

  205. I love all new tech 😀

  206. Love wearables they let me keep my hands free but monitor my tech

  207. I like wearables to monitoring my health!

  208. Pretty interested to take one of these for a spin.

  209. I just started back down the road to fitness, and can use all of the motivation I can get! Thanks for the chance.

  210. Instant access to the information I need on a cleverly designed watch!

  211. I need this so bad

  212. Wearables make everything so much easier.

  213. monitor my everyday life

  214. So nice.

  215. I love wearables because it looks sooo smart and stylish..

  216. It’s so much easier to manage since you can just look at your wrist for any upcoming appts, notifications and monitor/track your activity. The watch is stylish and built well in my imo

  217. I love anything new in the tec world. I love to constantly learn new things. What an awesome smartwatch.

  218. It’s fantastic way to keep connected with the world. I know i am gonna WIN IT FOR SURE !!!

  219. It makes connecting easier.

  220. I love wearables because it’s like having my desktop with me at all times.

  221. I like wearables because of its convenience and also because it monitors your activities.

  222. Ive not got one but id love one to use when out running

  223. I love wearables as they are useful and can also be used ti help you keep fit

  224. All the best and hope for the best.

  225. Wearables mean that I can be smart even when I forget where I put my phone

  226. They are so much more than just a watch

  227. Creative and unique

  228. I can keep up to date with all my social media, notifications and friends using a stylist yet compact watch.

  229. Fashion Pieces! =)
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  230. I love wearables so much because they have fashionable designs !! great giveaway 😀

  231. Love the design and the fact it is a smartwatch

  232. They make my chaotic life a little easier.

  233. Hello! My son would love Wearables because they’re stylish and cool new technology. He’s the style and tech person of the family. Thank-you for this generous chance. 🙂

  234. Re: OMG, I luv wearables so I don’t lose it. Wow, prize watch is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. Pick me, pick me! Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest. Starving artist here desperately needs the watch to read, work and eat again.

  235. Wearables makes it so I don’t have to look at my phone as often. It’s very liberating!

  236. because they look fantastic

  237. Hi there, i don’t have any wearables at the moment but i have seen what they are capable of. I would use a wearable to make a security system where you can alert to the authorities whenever you are in trouble or something. This would save your life.

  238. Wearables make technology so convenient to use 🙂

  239. Because I love keeping up to date with the latest tech!

  240. Wearables are the future. For fitness, for convenience, for safety – ideal addition to the lifestyle of most people – me included.

  241. the future is here

  242. Fashionable and hand free….two things that I love!

  243. I’m a klutz. So having the device around my write reduces risk of losing them!

  244. Simply awesome, would love to win this.

  245. Cause I love beautiful themes 🙂

  246. Because I love it!

  247. Because it is light and convenient.

  248. I like wearables because they give you easy access to technology.

  249. Tesla love you for coming out with this offer ! Moto 360 is the watch to wear 😀

  250. Amazing giveaway! Thanks for giving us hope to win . Good luck to everyOne 😉

  251. Great design and suitable to complete any outfit.

  252. luv it

  253. First got into wearables when trying to find ways to improve my sleep. 🙂 Now looking forward to the products of all the competition between companies!

  254. They are just too pretty!

  255. because it’s fantastic 🙂

  256. Beautiful watch with technology:I like it!

  257. It seems great and it tracks and do everything that a regular watch doesnt get to do

  258. Mostly for my fitness routine!

  259. Awesome watch with high technology: I want it so much!!! 🙂

  260. I like this MOTO stuff !!!!

  261. Nice design

  262. It is something to try

  263. I just love watches… if it’s smart, even better :))

  264. These themes look awesome.

  265. It keeps my hands free to do other things.

  266. i would wear it everyday, it’s amazing

  267. gonna sell it

  268. Love elegance! 🙂
    thanks for chance!
    Please contact me via email if I win! Thanks so much!

  269. Cool, but fashionable as well. I’d love one of these Moto 360 smartwatches! 🙂

  270. Classy looking watch!

  271. Looks like a fun watch.

  272. Beautiful watch!

  273. They are uinique and elegant. Perfect combination.

  274. Quiero ese reloj!!

  275. Techie’s best friend

  276. I love wearable because it is the future, and looks very nice

  277. Great for keeping track of schedules, etc…

  278. awesomeeee!!!

  279. Because David Hasslehoff had same watch in the Knight Rider 😉

  280. I love data and wearables provide loads of data!

  281. It’s the future!

  282. I love wearables because they pack a lot of power in a small package!

  283. I love them because they would make my life less stressful. I wont have to check my phone all the time

  284. It’s elegant and sleek!

  285. Woah! That watch is sexy. Wearable tech is yesterday. Good looking wearable tech is the future.

  286. Has the functions I’m looking for in wearable tech, also has the aesthetics to blend in with my everyday style.

  287. I’m a Motorola fan since I use my first phone.

  288. Hey thanks for this awesome giveaway. plz i want to win one. I m from India. Much of custom guys who like to play with themes and android all the time. I know this wach won’t be available in INDIA anytime soon. And i even can’t afford it. PLz i want to win plzplzpl

  289. They free up my hands and are very convenient.

  290. wearables are such amazing technology!

  291. I just love all new techy things! Thanks

  292. As I get older I realize the importance of keeping track of your health and update on all your soical updates

  293. I love the technology of wearables.

  294. Fashion + Technology!

  295. Wearables is an amazing new technology and I want to see why it is.

  296. I love to coordinate everything, always be prepared and have everything at my fingertips! Thank you

  297. Looking forward to getting to wear one of these marvels…

  298. Love anything that combines fashionable style with functionality.

  299. I just love it <3

  300. ’cause want to try it, “hi state observers”.. Win for all!

  301. I love wearable as they offer you great mobility while still being connected to your phone, thus making my day better. Plus, they look and feel fancy.

  302. I must admit I’m not sold on them, that’s why I haven’t bought one yet, but I love to try one.

  303. I love wearables because they are handy than smartphones.

  304. To go with my new moto g phone

  305. I love wearables as they are at the cutting edge of technology. They look pretty awesome too!

  306. Wearables make like easier in many ways. That’s why i love ’em.

  307. I love new technology and wearable technology is fab

  308. Wearables means I don’t have to dig through my purse hunting!

  309. I actually never heard of it before.

  310. Gorgeous looking watch with the added bonus of some awesome features!

  311. It will look good with my cellphone moto

  312. Awesome looking watch!

  313. I like to wear them because they are wonderful .

  314. Good luck !!! but I want mine!

  315. Because they’re useful and not obtrusive.

  316. Great watch!!!!

  317. because they are convenient, and I don’t have to worry about where I put it because its always on me

  318. I like to keep my hands free for other things.

  319. Because they look good and they are wonderful.

  320. I love the idea of carrying modern technology round with me in a compact easy form on my wrist. I love that wearables often have amazing features, like cameras, activity, logs, smartphone notifications etc. I like the ability to wear it and carry it when a phone isn’t practical to be used.

  321. COZ its soo smart n attractive!

  322. Fashionable and Stylish.

  323. I love to keep track of my fitness 🙂

  324. They make life much more easier!

  325. Hello, excellent promo

  326. Because it’s Future

  327. they are proper bo!!

  328. Because they look interesting

  329. Because they’re smart, look nice and maybe…. this smart watch may help me organise my life!

  330. Good Luck, I liked!!!

  331. i would like to win

  332. because they’re great!

  333. So I can keep that phone in the pocket.

  334. Because I like gadgets

  335. I love how they look and all the cool features they have to offer!

  336. awesome 🙂

  337. Because there fabulous

  338. Wearables are wonderful old fashioned, timeless elegance and style

  339. They look fab

  340. I love wearables because they’re convenient and keep the hands free. They’re stylish too.

  341. i like these gadgets

  342. Nice watch, I want it!

  343. Awesome

  344. It’s a gadget but still looks fashionable.

  345. Awesome!

  346. I like weareables because allows me to simplify my life, my work and are sooooooooooooo fashonable!!!

  347. They are high tech and very fashionable while providing needed information!

  348. Thanks for the giveaway

  349. This would be awesome!

  350. The feeling of tech on your wrist is unparalleled. It hits home just how fair technology has advanced, and continues to advance in the modern world.

  351. I love the wearable as I can check my fitness & health any time as well as love the look of them!!!!!

  352. Because they are hip and awesome!

  353. i love wearables because it makes me look stylish

  354. Stylish and fashionable

  355. They’re invaluable tools that just make life easier!

  356. great giveaway!!!!!, i like the smartwatch

  357. I love the idea of being able to easily check status messages while on the go.

  358. I like to wear them because they are hands free and easy to use.

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