Giveaway: Win 3 Awesome WordPress Themes

Giveaway: Win 3 Awesome WordPress Themes

We are happy to announce another great promotion. We are giving away 3 of our Premium WordPress Themes to 5 lucky winners. Each winner will get 3 beautiful WordPress Themes with great features. Simply join our social media community and get the chance to win now!


Period of time: From 10th September, 2013 to 30th September, 2013
Prize: 3 Premium WordPress Themes
Winners: 5 lucky users


Simply complete all the tasks below
Each task has a certain amount of points (the more points you collect the more are your chances to win)
We will announce the winners on 1st October, 2013, so keep an eye on TeslaThemes!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Each winner will get 3 Premium WordPress Themes with clean, responsive design and a rich set of advanced features. Here they are:

1. Revoke – Responsive WordPress Theme

Revoke WP Theme

2. Cool Stuff – Blog/Magazine WordPress Theme

Cool Stuff WP Theme

3. Vulcano – Creative WordPress Theme

Vulcano WP Theme

Enter the giveaway now, you could be the lucky winner! Comment below and let us know how you would be using our beautiful WordPress Themes.

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  1. “Cool Stuff” looks pretty cool 😀 I’d love to give them all a try.

    1. Hi, hope you’ll have the chance to, good luck!

    2. Cool themes

  2. I’m complete your all entries…

    Revoke to love win…used to clients or my test also…

    1. Thanks Dhaval, hope you’ll win!

  3. I like all of your themes, they are to simple and nice to see! I want to use them for my WordPress blog with my team website

    1. Thanks Parry, your team will probably like the website you’re working on.

  4. All Themes are just cool & very beautifully designed

    Nice Giveaway Hope For Win This One

    1. Thanks, we hope too.

  5. If i get the theme, i will use it for my personal blog or website.

    1. Great, we have noticed that your site is under construction, so we wish you good luck.

    1. Thanks, good luck!

  6. I’d like to start learning web design with something fancy and elite!

    1. That’s a long journey, but a great one. Regards!

  7. Looks great and might be just what I was looking for. would love to win all these themes.

    1. Thanks, hope you’ll win.

      1. hope so!

  8. Great-looking themes.

    1. Thanks Caleb!

  9. Look like great themes 🙂

    1. Thanks John, they really are.

  10. Awesome Designed Themes. I just love the “Cool Stuff” Theme 😉

    1. Thanks, hope you’ll get it.

  11. Awesome themes, Fabulous ♥

    1. Thanks, appreciate it.

  12. Really Awesome Theme,entered to win,Hope to win Thanks ton.

    1. Good luck Kamal.

  13. Stunning Themes, Very Elegant with a whole lot of class. Only for the Elite!

    1. Thanks, hope you’ll have the chance to confirm your statement.

  14. I would use portfolio theme to create my own website.

    1. Great, good luck!

  15. I will definitely use these in my game environment / level design portfolio

    1. It’s a kind of new implementation, hope to see it live.

  16. Just bought the wedding theme last week, would love to grab a copy of these too!

    1. Hi Lee, hope you’ll have a chance to try these ones too. Regards!

  17. I love your themes! If I win I will use them for my photography blog I just started. 🙂

    1. Hi Kyle, any of these themes are great for a photography blog. Good luck!

  18. Cool!

  19. I would love to give all of these themes a try! I follow your Facebook feed, and am always interested in what you guys are offering! I’m looking to start my own social media marketing business and I need a reliable and trusted website that can show off my previous work! I think your themes would be a great fit! They are crisp, clean and creative… perfect match for my style of work!

    Thanks for all of your hardwork!

    1. Thanks Randi, we’re glad that you’re using our products, keep following us, we will continue to deliver high quality themes.

  20. amazing …. i wait … thanks a lot

  21. It’s just perfect for my new blog with tutorials on programming. Thanks for the giveaway.

    1. Great, good luck with your new website, hope you’ll win.

  22. themes look great, hope I win!

    1. Hi Mark, good luck. BTW: you would have the chance to upgrade your site that is running using our Tesla theme.

  23. Nice, i want this!

  24. Nice themes

  25. great looking themes !
    especially vulcano

    1. Thanks Jean, it really is, regards!

  26. I was just checking out WordPress today. Look for a good blog home. So this would be a good win.

    1. Thanks Carol and good luck!

  27. I am just waiting for the results and want to win in this completion for my next blog.

    1. Follow our blog, we’ll be announcing the winners on 10th of October, 2013.

  28. TeslaThemes is the new “IT” in wp themes. And the support… it’s top-notch.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, appreciate that.

  29. hi, nice themes. congrats!

    1. Hi Marcelo, thanks a lot.

  30. OMG, what a stunning look and awesome UI I am seeing in all Tesla themes! I have seen many theme shops but this one looks very very unique. I am desirous to win a theme from this list and test them out so I can plan other themes for my upcoming websites.

    1. Thanks Pradeep, appreciate your kind words.

  31. I’ll be using the themes for my portfolio site, I tried a lot already and might want to try Tesla’s 😀

    1. Hi, we think you’ll not be disappointed, good luck!

  32. This is a good theme for my blog

    1. Thanks niculescu

  33. Fingers crossed.

    1. Fingers crossed too, hope you’ll win.

  34. awesome giveaway guys, hope i also wins

    1. Thanks and good luck george!

  35. Vulcano is my pick. Love it! If I win, it’s free, but is it a yearly fee? … so, I would have to pay next year?

    1. Hi, if you win you’ll get all 3 WordPress Theme for free, and you don’t have to pay anything, no hidden fees.

  36. Amazing themes!
    I’m starting to design in WordPress and this is the push I need.
    I hope to get lucky.
    Thank you very much!!!

    1. Hi Jose, good luck in your WP journey, hope you’ll win!

  37. Looking forward to using Revoke! So here is to a win!

    1. Good look, hope you’ll have the chance to use it.

  38. I have finally set up after having the domain for years and doing everyone else’s blogs and sites for them. So while casting about for a theme for my own site I came upon this event, and thought I’d cast a penny in the fountain! 🙂

  39. Amazing! Themes look awesome!

    1. Thanks Ricardo!

  40. Awesome Themes – would love to win! Thanks!

    1. Good luck Lori, hope you’ll win.

  41. I like your themes 🙂

    1. Thanks Torsten!

    1. Hi Angela, we hope you’ll help them out.

  42. Amazing themes Can’t wait to use it for my blog.

    1. Thanks julian!

  43. Will use to showcase my niche sites.. love all 3 themes so each will go to a nice home.

    1. Thanks, waiting to see those sites live.

  44. Hi, I really love your themes. Good Luck !!

    1. Appreciate that, good luck.

  45. Vulcano would be excellent for a portfolio website.

    1. Agree, hope you’ll have the opportunity to see it in action.

  46. Great comp and awesome themes! I hope I win a copy of these as I can’t really afford to buy em at current but would love to use at least two of them on a couple of projects I hope to be starting next month 🙂

    1. Thanks, stay in touch with us, we’ll announce the winners on 1st of October.

  47. Hello there.
    I am a user from germany having fun opening blogs and wordpress powered websites to let readers be part of interesting discussions. And your themes are born to create another room for a new site on the web

    1. Hi Holger, we’re glad to hear that, greeting!

  48. Nice themes, well thought out and easy to work with.

    1. Thanks Norman, we’re updating our Framework so it will be even easier.

  49. Very nice Themes, Thanks!

    1. Thanks David, regards!

  50. Interesting themes 🙂

    1. Thanks, your themes are too, regards!

  51. Thanks for the giveaway, looking to get cool stuff for my blog.

    1. Hi Asif, it would fit your blog ideally. Regards!

    1. Thanks Wendy, regards!

  52. These look like some great themes to use on some of my various sites! Thanks for the opportunity!

    1. You’re welcome Jeff, good luck!

  53. Honestly telling, I never knew about TeslaThemes earlier. Came to know just today through this giveaway. I feel that these people have really a good collection of themes. I personally like the Cool Stuff one as it is something unique.
    Hope I win

    1. Thanks Rahul, we will do our best to confirm your statement, good luck!

    1. Thanks Frank!

  54. I have several sites that need an upgrade, so this would be a great way to get started. Thanks!

    1. Hi Tom, hope you’ll win and share your implementations.

  55. Awesome themes! keep up with the good work.

    1. Thanks elis, #appreciate!

  56. Awesome!!

    1. Thanks!

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