Email Marketing Advice to Boost E-Commerce Business

Email Marketing Advice to Boost E-Commerce Business

As an E-Commerce business entity, it takes a lot of effort across many channels to get sales soaring. Out all the available tools for marketers, email marketing has emerged as one of the most effective tools for achieving higher, sustainable sales.

Choose a Great Email Marketing Tool

Before we dive into all the details, it’s worth emphasizing that there are a wide variety of tools today that allow you to do effective email marketing. Most of these tools will help you with the specific best practices below.

If you’ve been in the world of ecommerce or marketing for long, you’ve probably heard of big, general-purpose email services like Mailchimp or Constant Contact. These are solid services.

But given that we’re in the WordPress space, we think it’s worth highlighting solutions that are tailored specifically to WordPress.

One good one to look at is FluentCRM, a WordPress email marketing plugin. FluentCRM is allows you to manage customers, email campaigns, email sequences, affiliates, and more. A big advantage is that you can manage these marketing efforts completely from your WordPress dashboard. And because it’s a self hosted plugin, the cost of managing your emails is likely to be much less than other solutions.

Why E-mail Marketing?

  • You get to tap into your buyers’ customer journey.
  • It is an opportunity to upsell and cross-sell.
  • You can quickly assess the activity status of a customer on your online website.
  • You get to encourage customer loyalty.

If yours is an E-Commerce website, you have probably done the calculations as to how you will get things going in the new year. However, a little help is always appreciated.

In this blog post, we will be letting out some tactics to help you nail your Email Marketing game so that you can skyrocket the sales figure and make the most out of your online store.

Personalize all E-mails

Since we are talking about E-mail marketing, it is all about acing the game of interaction happening over E-mails. What has been known is the fact that people cringe at the sight of an email that has massy content, i.e., the ones which have been sent generically, in bulk.

The art of interacting with your potential online shoppers is to send them Emails which are personally charged or at least appear to be so. A Salutation addressing the customer by their first name is the best move ever.

There are several other ways to make an E-mail more personalized such as:

  • Offering deals on customers’ birthdays/anniversaries.
  • Sending out birthday/anniversary greetings.
  • Personalized Content
  • ‘Only for you’ deals

Suggestive Shopping guide

When a prospective buyer lands on your website, they surf through the catalog to look for some specific products of their choice. If they confirm a purchase, that’s great. However, if they abandon the site without moving anything to the shopping cart, you can send them suggestive E-mails about similar products that they would like to look at.

This will ensure that users scan through a more extensive section of your product/service catalog; hence increasing the chances of a sale taking place.

Reminder E-mails

A lot of times, potential buyers leave their shopping spree in the middle and might forget to return. In such a case, it is a great idea to use such a strategy so that they are reminded of their buying journey through a quick email.

Comparative recommendation

When buyers are looking to buy a product online, they are looking for the best deal regarding their pocket. E-Commerce vendors should ensure that these customers get what they expect.

For example, if your site visitor is looking to buy a high-end Television from your website and is taking a lot of time to confirm a purchase, you can send them an E-mail which talks about other products in the same category which might impart better value for money.

Since your website lists several Television brands, you can stay assured that the buyer will purchase through your site only. This is also a great way to build and nurture customer trust.

Appreciate consumer loyalty

As an E-Commerce website owner, you are empowered to keep a record of the purchases made through several registered accounts of users. To inculcate an excellent tactic for boosting your online sales, you can appreciate the loyalty of customers who shop regularly from your online store.

This appreciation can be in the form of discount deals, cash-backs, special prices, or social media recognition. The mode of rewarding your customer will depend upon the scale of your business.

Card abandonment E-mails

While navigating through their buyer journey, a lot of prospective buyers might choose not to purchase from your website. In fact, 1 out of every four shoppers abandons the cart. There can be several reasons for this act:

  • Price comparison
  • Semantic barrier
  • Window shopping
  • Price hike (Delivery/Shipment Charges)
  • Demanding checkout procedure
  • Lack of Payment methods
  • Compulsion of creating accounts with the online portal
  • Bad reviews/feedback for the related product/service
  • Website loading issues/Server complications

These factors are often not under the control of a site owner. However, the right strategy can minimize the loss one might suffer due to cart abandonment scenarios. Also, website loading issues are a factor still under the control of the website owner. So, always pick a good web host to keep things under control.

An E-mail reminding the buyer about the same or offering them an instant discount in return for completing the purchase can be a great driving force for boosting the sales graph.

Mobile-first approach

You can also provide discounted deals to site visitors who make a purchase through your online store’s mobile app. This will even draw in mobile traffic to your business website and is also a convenient method of shopping for your customers. Sending out an E-mail to your users regarding the same can be a wise move.

Encourage repetitive purchases

For continued usage, several products/services need to be renewed. In case a purchase of a similar product/service takes place in your online store, you should send out an E-mail over the period to inform the customer that they need to shop again. Since they have an E-mail from your website, chances of a repeated purchase will be higher.

Provide proof of credibility

Building credibility for your online site is a must. Your E-Commerce website handles a lot of sensitive transactional data from the shoppers. This brings up the requirement of building trust and credibility so that the existing, as well as the new customers, have clear air.

To do so, keep all your social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter activated and updated. Make sure that you interact with your social media audience on a regular basis so that trust-building activity stays in the loop. Listen to your customers’ queries, complaints, and feedback correctly and make sure that you address it appropriately.

Send out transactional E-mails

Transactional E-mails provide updates to the customers about a purchase they have just made on a website. These updates are about an order being placed, an order being confirmed, an order being processed, an order being shipped and an order being delivered. These E-mails provide you with the necessary avenue to track your order as well.

This is a usual activity for all E-Commerce website owners. However, for the knowledge of the people who are new to the online store business or the ones who are just setting up a website, transactional E-mails are a must.

Rekindle inactive customers

A smart Email marketing strategy for your online business will bring all your customers under a single umbrella, even if they are idle. With the proper monitoring in place, you can track the users who have been dormant for quite a time on your website and offer them promotional deals over an E-mail so that they can re-connect with your store.

Request Review/Feedback

After your online store has successfully delivered a product/service to a buyer, always send an E-mail asking them to review their entire customer experience. To encourage the buyer to submit a review, you can provide them reward points.

This will be a massive boost to the reputation of your E-Commerce business. They will drive in more positive buyers and establish credibility for your business.


There is no denying the fact that optimizations of an online store can skyrocket the sales. However, E-mail marketing of the products/services of these E-Commerce stores is a supplementing endeavor.

The above-discussed tactics are a sure-shot way to boost the sales figure of your online store without any unnecessary gimmick. If you feel that you have more such tips to discuss, kindly share them with us by dropping a comment below.

Catherrine Garcia is a passionate blogger and a freelance Web Developer currently working for WPCodingDev. She along with her group of freelance developers are experts of creating Websites on WordPress.

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  1. Yes, It is true, that if Ecommerce webmasters wish to grow their business the Email marketing is the best concept to reach millions of users around the world and to bring business brand awareness.

  2. Thank you for the great overview of things I should always have on my mind when thinking of email marketing. I have sucessfully been doing email marketing for a year now and have learned so much (but still way to go!).
    I appreciate the idea of asking for feedback. I’ll gladly ask what could be improved upon my communication (though I’m so proud of discovering A/B testing recently. After reading this article: it turns out it isn’t so complicated or scary as I previously thought!).
    Best of luck for everyone taking on new challenges in the upcoming New Year.

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