Announcing TeslaThemes Framework Tour

Announcing TeslaThemes Framework Tour

Here at TeslaThemes we are working hard to provide you the best customization features, so you could easily personalize our WordPress Themes and turn your website into anything you wish. That’s why we’ve created Tesla Framework and are inviting you to take the newly released Framework Tour.


What is Tesla Framework?

Tesla Framework is a powerful frame and administration tool that allows you to easily customize the look and functionality of your WordPress Theme, without advanced knowledge of web development. We’ve packed all our great features and placed them in a dedicated area within your WordPress admin panel, where you can customize and manage your theme settings. Simply install one of our WordPress Themes, go to TeslaThemes dedicated panel within your WordPress admin and personalize your website as you wish.

Tesla Admin panel

Why should I use it?

All our WordPress Themes are powered by Tesla Framework, it comprises our latest features, it works smoothly, is intuitive and easy to use. Have a look at some of its cool features:

  • Tesla Admin Panel – a dedicated area within WordPress where you can manage your theme options. From here you can customize your website logo, background, fonts, contact info, manage your SEO and social options,  newsletter, subscribers, and much more.
  • One click update – you can easily update your WordPress Theme with just one click. Check for updates, review theme’s changelog and update it. We are constantly improving our themes and adding new features.
  • Custom Posts – predefined post types that allows you to add and manage different components to your design like: Portfolio items, Testimonials, Services, Team members, Events and more.
  • Import and Export – if you want to make your website look exactly as our Live Demo version, simply Import our Demo with one click. Additionally, you can back up (export) your theme options and import them back anytime.
  • Page Templates – built in page templates that can be easily added as new pages to your layout. Simply select the page template you wish (Home, Portfolio, Services, About Us, Contact, etc.) and publish it.
  • Easy Customization – we’ve implemented a rich set of customization options to facilitate the process of customization of your website. You can change your logo image and text, font, favicon, background, include your custom CSS and more.
  • SEO and Socials – integrate your social media profiles and include share buttons of the most popular social media services like: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. Include tracking codes for different analytics and reporting tools to better understand your visitors’ behavior.
  • Contact Info –  a dedicated area where you can add and manage all your contact details. Additionally, you can quickly set up your geographical location by navigating through maps or by typing in your location name.

Tesla Framework is in continuous development and improvement process, we are working hard to provide you an easy administration tool and we’re guided by the latest trends and your own needs. Stay connected, we have a lot of new features to reveal!

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