7 Beautiful Implementations of our WP Themes

7 Beautiful Implementations of our WP Themes

Building Premium WordPress Themes is a creative, complex, awesome, hard, interesting process, covered by a strong knowledge of web development and a solid technical background in WordPress. In the end, we have beautiful, modern, crisp, airy and responsive designs that should represent your website in the best possible way.

A little imagination, some basic knowledge of WordPress and any of our WordPress Themes will help you transform your website into anything you wish. We are working hard to make this process as easy and seamless as possible, and to demonstrate this, we’ve listed some great implementations of our WordPress Themes. Have a look at these appealing websites and imagine what you can do with our layouts:

1. Disney Infinity Brasil

Disney Infinity Brasil

THEME USED: Winterfell

2. Arts Extract

Arts Extract

THEME USED: Cool Stuff

3. Gabinete de Artes

Gabinete de Artes


4. Green Choice

Green Choice

THEME USED: Winterfell

5. PxControl



6. App Trade Centre

App Trade Centre


7. Great Skill

Great Skill


Do you know some more great examples of websites using our WordPress Themes? Share them with us and we’ll consider adding them to our list. Meanwhile, browse our beautiful, modern, responsive, fresh, Clean WordPress Themes and start building your site now!

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  1. Hey, TeslaThemes! I have just been loving all of the beautiful themes that you have to offer and i love these implementations and variations of your simple, yet sophisticated designs. I am currently visiting your site from the giveaway at CrazyLeafDesign.com. I’m hoping to win some of your awesome themes. Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Justin, thanks for visiting us. We’re glad that you like our themes and wish you good luck, you might be the lucky winner.

  2. It’s always cool to see how others are using a theme and how unique they can become to each business. It looks like Winterfell is a popular one!

    1. Thanks. Yes it is, users like its airy and minimalist design.

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